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Anatomy and Physiology 9th Edition Patton Test Bank


This is NOT a book!
This is a bank of tests (study questions) to help you prepare for the tests.

  • To clarify, this is a test bank, not a textbook.
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  • You will receive a full bank of tests; in other words, all chapters will be there.
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Table of Contents (Anatomy and Physiology 9th Edition Patton Test Bank)

UNIT ONE: The Body as a Whole

  1. Organization of the Body
  2. Homeostasis
  3. Chemistry of Life
  4. Biomolecules
  5. Cell Structure
  6. Cell Function
  7. Cell Growth and Development
  8. Introduction to Tissues
  9. Tissue Types

UNIT TWO: Support and Movement

  1. Skin
  2. Skeletal Tissues
  3. Axial Skeleton
  4. Appendicular Skeleton
  5. Articulations
  6. Axial Muscles
  7. Appendicular Muscles
  8. Muscle Contraction

UNIT THREE: Communication, Control, and Integration

  1. Nervous System Cells
  2. Nerve Signaling
  3. Central Nervous System
  4. Peripheral Nervous System
  5. Autonomic Nervous System
  6. Physiology of Sensation
  7. Special Senses
  8. Endocrine Regulation
  9. Endocrine Glands

UNIT FOUR: Transportation and Defense

  1. Blood
  2. Heart
  3. Blood Vessels
  4. Circulation of Blood
  5. Lymphatic System
  6. Innate Immunity
  7. Adaptive Immunity
  8. Stress

UNIT FIVE: Respiration, Nutrition and Excretion

  1. Respiratory Tract
  2. Ventilation
  3. Gas Exchange and Transport
  4. Upper Digestive Tract
  5. Lower Digestive Tract
  6. Digestion and Absorption
  7. Nutrition and Metabolism
  8. Urinary System
  9. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
  10. Acid-Base Balance

UNIT SIX: Reproduction and Development

  1. Male Reproductive System
  2. Female Reproductive System
  3. Growth and Development
  4. Genetics and Heredity

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