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Biology The Unity and Diversity of Life 15th Edition Starr Test Bank


This is NOT a book!
This is a bank of tests (study questions) to help you prepare for the tests.

  • To clarify, this is a test bank, not a textbook.
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  1. Invitation to Biology.
    2. Life’s Chemical Basis.
    3. Molecules of Life.
    4. Cell Structure.
    5. Ground Rules of Metabolism.
    6. Where it Starts: Photosynthesis.
    7. How Cells Release Chemical Energy.
    8. DNA Structure and Function.
    9. From DNA to Protein.
    10. Control of Gene Expression.
    11. How Cells Reproduce.
    12. Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction.
    13. Observing Patterns in Inherited Traits.
    14. Chromosomes and Human Inheritance.
    15. Studying and Manipulating Genomes.
    16. Evidence of Evolution.
    17. Processes of Evolution.
    18. Organizing Information about Species.
    19. Life’s Origin and Early Evolution.
    20. Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaea.
    21. Protists: The Simplest Eukaryotes.
    22. The Land Plants.
    23. Fungi.
    24. Animal Evolution: The Invertebrates.
    25. Animal Evolution: The Chordates.
    26. Human Evolution.
    27. Plant Tissues.
    28. Plant Nutrition and Transport.
    29. Life Cycles of Flowering Plants.
    30. Communication Strategies in Plants.
    31. Animal Tissues and Organ Systems.
    32. Neural Control.
    33. Sensory Perception.
    34. Endocrine Control.
    35. Structural Support and Movement.
    36. Circulation.
    37. Immunity.
    38. Respiration.
    39. Digestion and Nutrition.
    40. Maintaining the Internal Environment.
    41. Animal Reproductive System.
    42. Animal Development.
    43. Animal Behavior.
    44. Population Ecology.
    45. Community Ecology.
    46. Ecosystems.
    47. The Biosphere.
    48. Human ImpactsontheBiosphere.

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