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Concepts for Nursing Practice 2nd Edition Giddens Test Bank


This is NOT a book!
This is a bank of tests (study questions) to help you prepare for the tests.

  • To clarify, this is a test bank, not a textbook.
  • You have immediate access to download your test bank. No delays, loading is fast and instant immediately after ordering!
  • You will receive a full bank of tests; in other words, all chapters will be there.
  • Test banks are presented in PDF format; therefore, no special software is required to open them.


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Table of Contents (Concepts for Nursing Practice 2nd Edition Giddens Test Bank)
Unit 1: Health Care Recipient Concepts
Theme: Attributes and Resources
1. Development
2. Functional Ability
3. Family Dynamics
Theme: Personal Preference
4. Culture
5. Spirituality
6. Adherence
7. Self-Management
Unit 2: Health and Illness Concepts
Theme: Homeostasis and Regulation
8. Fluid and Electrolytes
9. Acid-Base Balance
10. Thermoregulation
11. Sleep
12. Cellular Regulation
13. Intracranial Regulation
14. Hormonal Regulation
15. Glucose Regulation
16. Nutrition
17. Elimination
18. Perfusion
19. Gas Exchange
20. Clotting
Theme: Sexuality and Reproduction
21. Reproduction
22. Sexuality
Theme: Protection and Movement
23. Immunity
24. Inflammation
25. Infection
26. Mobility
27. Tissue Integrity
28. Sensory Perception
29. Pain
30. Fatigue
Theme: Resilience
31. Stress
32. Coping
Theme: Mood and Cognition
33. Mood and Affect
34. Anxiety
35. Cognition
36. Psychosis
Theme: Maladaptive Behavior
37. Addiction
38. InterpersonalViolence
Unit 3: Professional Nursing and Health Care Concepts
Theme: Nursing Attributes and Roles
39. Professional Identity
40. Clinical Judgment
41. Leadership
42. Ethics
43. Patient Education
44. Health Promotion
Theme: Care Competencies
45. Communication
46. Collaboration
47. Safety
48. Technology and Informatics
49. Evidence
50. Health Care Quality
Theme: Health Care Delivery
51. Care Coordination
52. Caregiving
53. Palliative Care
54. Health Disparities
Theme: Health Care Infrastructure
55. Health Care Organizations
56. HealthCareEconomics
57. HealthPolicy
58. HealthCareLaw

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