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Primary Care Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing An Interprofessional Approach 5th Edition Test Bank


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Table of Contents (Primary Care: Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing 5th Edition Dunphy Test Bank – An Interprofessional Approach)


Chapter 1. Primary Care in the Twenty-First Century: A Circle of Caring
Chapter 2. Caring and the Advanced Practice Nurse
Chapter 3. Health Promotion
Chapter 4. The Art of Diagnosis and Treatment
Chapter 5. Evidence-Based Practice


Section 1. Neurological Problems 
Chapter 6. Common Neurological Complaints
Chapter 7. Seizure Disorders
Chapter 8. Degenerative Disorders
Chapter 9. Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)
Chapter 10. Infectious and Inflammatory Neurological Disorders

Section 2. Skin Problems 
Chapter 11. Common Skin Complaints
Chapter 12. Parasitic Skin Infestations
Chapter 13. Fungal Skin Infections
Chapter 14. Bacterial Skin Infections
Chapter 15. Viral Skin Infections
Chapter 16. Dermatitis
Chapter 17. Skin Lesions

Section 3. Eye Problems 
Chapter 18. Common Eye Complaints
Chapter 19. Lid and Conjunctival Pathology
Chapter 20. Visual Disturbances and Impaired Vision
Section 4. Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems 
Chapter 21. Common Ear, Nose, and Throat Complaints
Chapter 22. Hearing and Balance Disorders
Chapter 23. Inflammatory and Infectious Disorders of the Ear
Chapter 24. Inflammatory and Infectious Disorders of the Nose, Sinuses, Mouth, and Throat
Chapter 25. Epistaxis
Chapter 26. Temporomandibular Disorders
Chapter 27. Dysphonia

Section 5. Respiratory Problems 
Chapter 28. Common Respiratory Complaints
Chapter 29. Sleep Apnea
Chapter 30. Infectious Respiratory Disorders
Chapter 31. Inflammatory Respiratory Disorders
Chapter 32. Lung Cancer
Chapter 33. Smoking Addiction

Section 6. Cardiovascular Problems 
Chapter 34. Common Cardiovascular Complaints
Chapter 35. Cardiac and Associated Risk Disorders
Chapter 36. Dysrhythmias and Valvular Disorders
Chapter 37. Disorders of the Vascular System

Section 7. Abdominal Problems 
Chapter 38. Common Abdominal Complaints
Chapter 39. Infectious Gastrointestinal Disorders
Chapter 40. Gastric and Intestinal Disorders
Chapter 41. Gallbladder and Pancreatic Disorders
Chapter 42. Cirrhosis and Liver Failure

Section 8. Renal Problems 
Chapter 43. Common Urinary Complaints
Chapter 44. Urinary Tract Disorders
Chapter 45. Kidney and Bladder Disorders

Section 9. Gender-Related Health Problems 
Chapter 46. Common Reproductive System Complaints
Chapter 47. Breast Disorders
Chapter 48. Vaginal, Uterine, and Ovarian Disorders
Chapter 49. Prostate Disorders
Chapter 50. Penile and Testicular Disorders
Chapter 51. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Section 10. Musculoskeletal Problems 

Chapter 52. Common Musculoskeletal Complaints
Chapter 53. Spinal Disorders
Chapter 54. Soft-Tissue Disorders
Chapter 55. Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

Section 11. Endocrine and Metabolic Problems 
Chapter 56. Common Endocrine and Metabolic Complaints
Chapter 57. Glandular Disorders
Chapter 58. Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 59. Metabolic Disorders

Section 12. Hematological and Immunological Problems 
Chapter 60. Common Hematological and Immunological Complaints
Chapter 61. Hematologic Disorders
Chapter 62. Immunological Disorders
Chapter 63. Infectious Disorders

Section 13. Psychosocial Problems 
Chapter 64. Common Psychosocial Complaints
Chapter 65. Substance Use Disorders
Chapter 66. Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
Chapter 67. Mood Disorders
Chapter 68. Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma-Related Disorders
Chapter 69. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
Chapter 70. Behavioral Disorders Related to Physical/Physiological Disturbances
Chapter 71. Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Section 14. Urgent Care Problems 
Chapter 72. Common Urgent Care Complaints
Chapter 73. Common Injuries
Chapter 74. Toxic Exposures
Chapter 75. Environmental Exposures


Chapter 76. Sports Physicals
Chapter 77. Primary Care of Older Adults
Chapter 78. Palliative Care and Pain Management
Chapter 79. Ethical and Legal Issues of a Caring-Based Practice
Chapter 80. The Business of Advanced Practice Nursing
Chapter 81. The 15-Minute Hour: Practical Approaches to Behavioral Health for Primary Care
Chapter 82. Putting Caring Into Practice: Caring for Self

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